Bankers Institute of Rural Development

An autonomous Society promoted by NABARD


Mr. Sunil Chawla
Mr Chawla is B.Sc.; CAIIB and Harvard Manage Mentor. He has wide experience in NABARD for 27 years including 5 years as a District Development Manager (DDM). He has expertise in Cooperatives, Microfinance and Rural Non Farm Sector.
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Dr. S K Garg
Mr Garg is M.Tech (Honors) in Computer Science and Technology; PGD (Business Administration; Ph. D (Computer Science and Engg); and FIETE (Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Telecom Engineers). He has vast Industry Experience in the field of Information Technology in various private/Govt. organizations before joining BIRD. He has expertise in Information Technology.
Phone: +91 522 2425924(O), 2815264 (R) | Mobile: +91-9335838133 | E-mail:
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Dr. Sunil Kumar is B.A (Hons) in Economics; M.B.A (IRMA); M.A (Economics); CAIIB (IIBF) and Fellow (PhD), IIM Lucknow. He has long experience in NABARD for more than 20 years including 5 years as a Nominee Director on the Board of Regional Rural Bank. He has expertise in Financial Management, Macro Economics, Projects Management and Agriculture Marketing and Commodity derivatives.
Phone: +91 522 2421119 (O) | Mobile: +91-9695025710 | E-mail:
Mr. K C Sharma
Mr Sharma is Graduation in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry; Post Graduation in Agricultural Economics; Ph.D. (University of New England, Australia); Faculty Member at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand and University of Nairobi, Kenya. He has associated with project financing both in farm and non-farm sector. He has expertise in Rural Develop-ment, Socio-economic Development and Farm Projects.
Phone: +91 522 2421009 (O), 4010846 (R) | Mobile: +91-9532096025 | E-mail:
Dr. Shikha Tripathi
Dr. Tripathi is PhD in Educational Psychology. She has wide experience of working as Consultant and Faculty in the area of Organization Behaviour for 20 years. She has worked as Faculty with former UP Academy of Administration. She has expertise in Human Resource Development, Microfinance and Gender Development.
Phone: +91 522 2421180 (O), 2635367 (R) |
Mr. Deepak Manchanda
Mr Manchanda is Graduate in Commerce. He has experience for more than 25 years in NABARD. He has expertise in Rural Non-Farm Sector, IT, Development and Infrastructure Lending and Micro Finance.
Phone: +91 522 2421184 (O), 4045733 (R) | Mobile: +91-8960379247 | E-mail:
Mr. A Chandrashekhar
Mr Chandrashekhar is Post graduate in Commerce and PG Diploma in Cooperation and Rural studies. He has experience for more than 25 years in NABARD. He has expertise in Planning, Institutional Development, Watershed Development and Tribal Development.
Phone: +91 522 2424867(O), 4045751(R) | Mobile: +91-8853612372 | E-mail:
Mr. K L Vinaya
Mr Vinaya is B.Sc. (Hons); LLB; CAIIB; Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD) and Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM). He has long experience for 25 years in RBI and NABARD (combined), District Dev. Manager (DDM). He has expertise in Microfinance, RNFS and Human Resource Development.
Phone: +91 522 2425834 (O) | Mobile: +91-8765229899 | E-mail:
Mr. B K Basu
Mr Basu is Graduate in Commerce and CAIIB. He has wide experience for 31 years in RBI and NABARD. He has expertise in Accounting, Appraisal and Cooperatives.
Phone: +91522 2425954 (O) | Mobile: +91-8009208215 | E-mail:
Jaideep Srivastava
He is a Science and Law Graduate from the Allahabad University, has done Diploma in Management from IGNOU, and is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. His Area of interest in academics is Financial Management, Microfinance and microenterprises, Behavioral science and HRD, IT and financial Inclusion.
Phone: +91 522 2425951 (O) 4045720 (R) | Mobile: +91-8004445060 | E-mail:
J Maharana

Phone: +91 522 2421066 (O) 4003120 (R) | Mobile: +91-8009244018 | E-mail:
A K Mohanty

Phone: +91 522 2421042 (O) 2421117 (R) | Mobile: +91-9415017106 | E-mail:
R C Rath
BA(Hons), MBA(marketing), CAIIB(IIBF), Rich experiences of working in the Corporate Office of NABARD at Mumbai and its three Regional Offices in Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh, Also worked as District Development Manager in the tribal dominated Central India, Expertise in Rural banking, Cooperative banking, Supervision of banks, Risk Management in banks, Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.
Phone: +91 522 2421046 (O) 2421039 (R) | Mobile: +91-8765533328 | E-mail:
Samuel Johnson

Phone: +91 522 2424062 (O) 2421064 (R) | Mobile: +91-8765584329 | E-mail:
D Nageswara

Phone: +91 522 2421124 (O) 2422621 (R) | Mobile: +91-8009208248 | E-mail:
U D Shirsalkar

Phone: +91 522 2421018 (O) 2421008 (R) | Mobile: +91-8765229904 | E-mail:
S K Jannawar

Phone: +91 522 2425318 (O) 2422824 (R) | Mobile: +91-8765230269 | E-mail:
G S Rawat

Phone: +91 522 2421059 (O) | Mobile: +91-8765245977 | E-mail:
R K Srivastava
Mr Rakesh Srivastava is a post graduate in Economics.; JAIIB and Harvard Manage Mentor. He has wide experience in Bank of India and NABARD for 30 years including 5 years as a District Development Manager (DDM). His areas of interest are livelihood, Microfinance and Rural Non Farm Sector and organsiational behaviour.
Phone: +91 522 2421128 (O) 2424502 (R) | Mobile: +91-9453227215 | E-mail:
Maheswar Sahoo

Phone: +91 522 2421058 (O) | Mobile: +91-8004950158 | E-mail: sahoo_m@rediffmail.comg


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Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD), Lucknow is a premier institute for providing training, research and consultancy services in the field of agriculture and rural development banking in India. The Institute was established in 1983 by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), the apex development bank supporting agriculture and rural development in India. In 1992, BIRD was reconstituted as a Society (under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860), promoted and funded by NABARD.