By - Ajay

The National Seminar on audit was held at BIRD, Lucknow from 17 to 18 October 2013. The seminar was attended by 24 Auditors, mainly Chartered Accountants representing various State Cooperative Banks and DCCBs apart from NABARD officials from DoS, HO and UP Regional Office. Shri H R Dave, Director, BIRD in his welcome address emphasised the need for cross learning among Auditors, Supervisors (DoS officials of NABARD) and RBI – the regulator.


Shri A K Das, CGM, Dos, HO inaugurated the seminar and many senior executives/officers such as Shri B B Mohanty (retired CGM), Consultant, GIZ; Shri B K Dey, GM, DoS, HO, Shri Prasad, Consultant, GIZ; CA Mukesh Singh Khushwah, Vice Chairman, Professional Development Committee, ICAI; CA Anand, Member Central Council, ICAI were present at the occasionwho took this opportunity to share their inputs and thought provoking ideas/issues and views on the identified topics viz.,


(i) Measures to improve Audit practices, initiatives taken by GIZ in helping the banks in this direction


(ii) Contents and utility of ‘Guidance Note on Audit of StCBs, CCBs prepared by ICAI


(iii) Deficiencies /discrepancies observed in the Audit Reports of StCBs and CCBs – measures to rectify the same and


(iv) Preparation of LFAR, areas to be covered, suggestions for revision, etc.