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Case Documentation

Through the years we have witnessed several rural development initiatives in the country that have either gone undocumented or found a passing reference somewhere. Nevertheless, it is felt that a large number of such development initiatives that abound in the country have still not been showcased or presented in the public domain. Apart from this, many State Governments, NGOs, Community Service Providers, Banks and other individuals have contributed through their own development schemes or initiatives in making a difference to the rural milieu. These development initiatives, when properly documented, provide the necessary academic inputs to BIRD’s learning curriculum besides spreading awareness among others. It is time, therefore, that we make concerted efforts to collate such field level initiatives at the national level and publish some of the case studies on remarkable developmental initiatives / enterprises / systems / processes in the country that have made an impact in the lives of the rural communities with specific learning opportunities. It would, at the same time, also be interesting to document even those experiences that for some reason did not generate the necessary success that was anticipated for learning from such experiences.