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Intellectual Tourism

This is a highly unique and attractive opportunity to associate with an intellectually stimulating world for all those who wish to have a relaxed environment, to be in the company of a wide range of books, national and international journals, magazines and audio-video learning materials for scholastic, creative, project or any such purpose!

Often, many scholars and professionals seek a peaceful and uninterrupted environment, having abundant bibliographical resources at their disposal to accomplish their scholastic or creative pursuits such as research, dissertation, paper writing, writing of articles, books etc; to explore on an issue of social, economical, political, intellectual, spiritual or general interest; to enjoy a spiritually and intellectually stimulating isolation to capture inner motivation by adding perspectives in life through an association with a wide spectrum of intellectual resources! Referring to a well equipped library is one most widely adopted option in such cases, as most of the time that is the only available option matching to the requirements.

Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD) offers all such knowledge seekers a very attractive and affordable facility that not only provides all of its intellectual resources but also other facilities that make their task most comfortable, enjoyable and delightful! BIRD has a centrally air-conditioned well stocked library spread over three floors with a treasure trove of more than 53000 books, reports, journals, magazines, newspapers and audio-visuals on a variety of subjects with their latest editions especially on agriculture, rural development, management, training, microfinance, economics, agriculture economics, banking and many more other subjects. It has a Reading Room for casual references and Open Reading Carrels for the serious minded. Scholars and discerning persons who are interested in intellectual pursuits for their intellectual enrichment can have a relaxed environment and access to all resources of library.