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sk Dr S K K Mishra, Faculty Member
Qualification : Ph.D, M.Com, MBA( Finance), CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Finance, RNFS ,Institutional Development
Mobile: 7071007385|Email:
manikum Mani Kumar S, Faculty Member
Qualification :B.Com, ACMA, CAIIB, MBA [Fin], MS [Banking], APGDCA
Area of Specialization :Finance and Financial Management; Financial Product Structuring and New Business Development; Cost and Management Accounting: Methods and Techniques; Developmental Banking; Credit Management: Planning, Monitoring and Control; Rural Innovations; MicroFinance and Financial Inclusion; Integrated Risk Management
Mobile: 9453234708|Email:
Rajiv Dr Rajiv Ranjan Sinha, Faculty Member
Qualification : Ph.D ( Geology),CAIIB, LLB, PGD ( Rural Development and welfare Administration)
Area of Specialization :Finance, Development and Project
Mobile: 9415176954|Email:
ShikhaTripathi Dr Shikha Tripathi, Faculty Member
Qualification :Ph.D ( Educational Psychology )
Area of Specialization :Human Resource Development, Microfinance and Gender Development.
Mobile: 9415106625|Email:
shyam Garg Dr Shyam Kr. Garg, Faculty Member
Qualification :M.Tech. (Hons.), Computer Science & Technology (IIT Roorkee), Ph.D. Computer Engineering & Technology
Area of Specialization :IT & HR.
Mobile: 9335838133|Email:
r s reddy Dr R S Reddy, Faculty Member
Qualification :MVSc., (Poultry), DIM(IGNOU), APGDCA, JAIIB
Area of Specialization :Livestock & Poultry; Project Planning and Appraisal; Direct Finance; Developmental Banking; NRM; Rural Innovations; MicroFinance and Financial Inclusion
Mobile: 9849633456|Email:
B Shridhar Bhallamudi Sridhar , Faculty Member
Qualification :B.Sc. ( Agri. Engg. & Tech ), PGD ( Forest Management), CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Agri. Project Financing, Rural Infrastructure Financing, Agri Value Chain, Agri. Productivity, PO,Climate Change, Forestry & Seed Sector
Mobile: 9937197666|Email:
photo M R Gopal, Faculty Member
Qualification :B.Tech. ( Agri. Engg ), PGDIM , CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Climate Change Project Development, Project Appraisal, Agro-processing, Agricultural Mechanisation, Agriculture Projects Development, Microcredit, Financial Inclusion
Mobile: 9426711163|Email:
Dr. Diwakar Hegde, Faculty Member
Qualification : M.Sc. (Horticulture), Ph.D., CAIIB, Certificate in Land use Planning from InWent, Germany
Area of Specialization : Natural Resource Management, Watershed Development, Tribal Development, Climate Change, Producers’ Organizations, Farm Sector Projects, Plantation and Horticulture, Post Harvest Technology, Agro processing, Project Preparation and Appraisal, Micro Finance and Financial Inclusion
Mobile: 9130083022 |Email:
Picture 023 M K De, Faculty Member
Qualification : B Sc. (Agri), M Sc. (Soil Science), CAIIB, PGDFM, World Bank Certificate Programme on Climate Change.
Area of Specialization : Project Appraisal, Land Development Project, Natural Resource Management project, Climate Change Project, Micro-Credit
Mobile: 9433017805 |Email:
K Praveen Raj Udupa, Faculty Member
Qualification : BA [Pol. Science], CAIIB, PGDFA, ADUCB.
Area of Specialization : Cooperative Supervision, Institutional Development, Production Credit
Mobile: 9840062604 |Email:
A. C. Sarmah, Faculty Member
Qualification : M.Sc [Agri], CAIIB, BDCM, MOOC Certificate in NAP and Climate Resilience in Agriculture.
Area of Specialization : Development & Project and Microfinance
Mobile: 9044601231|
Dinesh P , Faculty Member
Qualification : BFSc; MFSc; CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Fisheries, Project Finance, Banking Technology
Mobile: 9454358540 |
Pushphas Pandey , Faculty Member
Qualification:B.Tech(Agricultural Engineering),Masters in Financial Management, JAIIB
Area of Specialization : Human Resources Development, Development & Projects
Mobile: 9412089620 |
Smt.M.Jothi Srinivas , Faculty Member
Area of Specialization :MicroFinance, Financial Inclusion, Development and Projects (Farm and Rural Non-Farm),Rural Innovations
Mobile: 9396268579 |
Vinod Kumar Arya , Faculty Member
Area of Specialization :Forestry (Silviculture)
Mobile: 9816307060 |
Somainder singh , Faculty Member
Qualification:M.Tech.(Post Harvest Process & Food Engg.)
Area of Specialization :Natural Resource Management, Land Use Planning, Watershed & Tribal Development project, FPOs
Mobile: 9478798451 |