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A. C. Sarmah
Qualification : M.Sc [Agri], CAIIB, BDCM, MOOC Certificate in NAP and Climate Resilience in Agriculture.
Area of Specialization : Development & Project and Microfinance
Mobile: 9044601231 |
photo M R Gopal
Qualification : B.Tech. ( Agri. Engg ), PGDIM , CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Climate Change Project Development, Project Appraisal, Agro-processing, Agricultural Mechanisation, Agriculture Projects Development, Microcredit, Financial Inclusion
Mobile: 9426711163 | Email:
Dinesh P
Qualification : BFSc; MFSc; CAIIB
Area of Specialization : Fisheries, Project Finance, Banking Technology
Mobile: 9454358540 |
Picture 023 M K De
Qualification : B Sc. (Agri), M Sc. (Soil Science), CAIIB, PGDFM, World Bank Certificate Programme on Climate Change.
Area of Specialization : Project Appraisal, Land Development Project, Natural Resource Management project, Climate Change Project, Micro-Credit
Mobile: 9433017805 | Email:
Smt. M. Jothi Srinivas
Qualification: BSc, MA, CAIIB
Area of Specialization : MicroFinance, Financial Inclusion, Development and Projects (Farm and Rural Non-Farm),Rural Innovations
Mobile: 9396268579 | Email:
Smt. Deepmala Ghosh
Qualification: B.A.(H), LLB
Area of Specialization : MicroFinance
Mobile: 986904724 | Email:
Vinod Kumar Arya
Qualification: MSc(Forestry),MBA
Area of Specialization : Forestry (Silviculture)
Mobile: 9816307060 |
Rajiv Somainder Singh
Qualification : M.Tech.(Post Harvest Process & Food Engg.)
Area of Specialization : Natural Resource Management, Land Use Planning,
Watershed & Tribal Development project, FPOs
Mobile: 9478798451 | Email:
Rajiv Bibhu Prasad Kar
Qualification : MA, CAIIB, MBA,DTIRM, DIBM
Area of Specialization : Project Finance, Project Management, Risk Management, Banking Technology
Mobile: 9437574445 | Email:
shyam Garg Dr Shyam Kr. Garg
Qualification : M.Tech. (Hons.), Computer Science & Technology (IIT Roorkee), Ph.D. Computer Engineering & Technology
Area of Specialization : IT & HR.
Mobile: 9335838133 | Email:
ShikhaTripathi Dr Shikha Tripathi
Qualification : Ph.D ( Educational Psychology )
Area of Specialization : Human Resource Development, Microfinance and Gender Development.
Mobile: 9415106626 | Email: